Guide: Digital Advertising

Digital advertising delivers ads through digital platforms to reach and engage target audiences, prompting actions like signing up and purchasing, distinct from traditional methods. It enables brands to connect with audiences precisely and efficiently, focusing on ongoing engagement rather than heavy initial investment.

04 March 2024 uptimum

Digital advertising is about ads which are delivered through digital platforms namely social media, websites,
search engines and mobile apps. Its goal is focused on reaching the target audience and encourage them to take significant actions such as
signing up, engaging and making a purchase which is not the same as traditional advertising.

It is relatively important because it enables brands and businesses to establish connection with the target audience in variety of ways
which the traditional media channels don’t.

Digital Advertising is precise and advance since it can target interests, behaviours and demographics so the ads can be served to the
right audience. More so, there is no need for heavy advertising, instead, just build whatever has been started.

Types of Digital Advertising:

Search ads – Whatever is searched and looked for by the audience such as keywords and phrases, those text-based
ads are the search ads.

An example is the PPC model or the pay-per-click wherein for instance, the advertiser pays a small fee if anyone clicks
on the ad. These are great for gaining attention of potential customers at the exact moment they are showing interest in
a certain product or service.

Social Media Advertising:

You have seen ads and campaigns on social platforms which are executed in different formats depending on the type of
content such as video, carousel and story ads. SoMe advertising are considered highly targeted advertising because they
can vary from a variety of formats.

Display Advertising:

When users are browsing ads that show on websites and platforms, these are all part of an ad network. GDN is being
utilised to run the display ads because it’s a strong advertising service that allow businesses to display ads on a wide
network of 3rd party websites and apps. They are embedded within the actual website content or can be displayed alongside

Video Advertising

One of the most powerful advertising forms in the digital world is the video advertising which can often be found on renowned
social platforms such as YouTube, FB, IG and TikTok.

The audience is more enticed to videos rather than static content forms which makes video ads a strong and successful
startegy to promote brands, products and services.

Sponsored Content

Content which are paid for and published by an advertiser refer to sponsored content wherein the goal is to blend branded
messaging into useful significant content. Creating such sponsored content must be strategized and well-thought of to create a
buzz and must have dedicated sponsored rate and package.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers can add value to any company, brand and services because these personalities have the capabilities to connect
with the audience. They can bring the poeple closer to you. Their objective is mainly to grow their page by collaborating with
brands and identify how to successfully introduce the product/services to the target audiemce.

Choosing the right influencer can be quite tricky however, influencer marketing has been a trusted source of leads which
brings a great result.

Affiliate Marketing

The idea is to work with publishers to promote your business in exchange of commission to gain sales.
For instance, if a reader clicks on the ad or promotion and eventually makes a purchase, teh affiliate then earns a commission.

Apart from influencer marketing, this is also an effective strategy to optimize sales.

Affiliates need to stay ahead of the competition and align their efforts with the ever-changing needs
and interests of the target audience.