Guide: Email Marketing

A direct marketing channel that uses an email to promote products and services. It is an important strategy that promotes relationships, builds connections, and brand awareness.

21 February 2024 uptimum

What are the advantages of Email Marketing?

  1. A renowned form of marketing which encourages the audience to take action
  2. It has the potential to drive traffic to platforms
  3. Can be reviewed and tested to identify the details that will best work for the audience

What are the disadvantages of Email Marketing?

  1. May end up in the spam, junk, trash folder
  2. Must really stand out otherwise, It can be ignored and only flood the inboxes
  3. It may or may not load at all if the size is too large thus resulting to losing potential clients
  4. If the content is poor, it will lead to high unopened rates or audience unsubscribing
  5. Customers might see it as less than ideal if the design can’t be accessed in the correct version compatible with a range of devices.

Types of Email Marketing:

Welcome emails – a good way to connect new customers to a business and encourage them to know more about the product

Invitation emails – An announcement email showcasing something new and what the customers can expect or be excited about. It can be upcoming events, new brand identity, discounts and promotions.

Survey emails – Knowing what the customers have to say is essential to any business because  you’ll know what to work on in the future. Customer’s feedback is always valuable.

Promotional Emails – The focus of these emails is to sell and get more leads attracted to the shop, item, discount.