Guide: Social Media Marketing

A marketing strategy that uses social platforms to connect with the audience. These SoMe platforms are used to uplift brands, highlight products and increase sales.

21 February 2024 uptimum

What are the 5 Pillars of Social Media Marketing?

Content – Align the content to the target audience and identify the richest content that matches with the marketing persona.

Engagement – There is growth in interaction and it starts with communicating a compelling message on socials. 

Advertising – A useful tactic to promote several posts, gather leads and retarget the audience.

Analytics – Measuring the performance of a content can help to make more informed decisions and plans for future campaigns. Evaluating the overall result of the marketing campaigns will help to evaluate the future campaigns.

How to Create Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Do timely research – Study the audience and find out the best timings to showcase the posts. The key is to know the demographic information and data about the users which are the great starting points.

Align the goals to the business Goals – Accomplish realistic goals to grow audience, drive leads and increase revenue.

Assess the competition – The use of social listening tools can help to monitor factors, industry insights, opportunities and helps immensely the companies to identify what works well.

Conceptualize an effective post – Create an attention-grabbing post that will entice your audience. Make sure it reaches them and the people around them.

Measure smartly – All posts must be measured accordingly so you will know the next right move for the next posts.